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So There Is Never Any Phone Tag!


1. Choose your desired service from the list below.

2. Choose the Day You Want (If you don’t see any times available, then that day is filled already, choose another day or Call/Text 727-326-3205 and see If I can accommodate you. 

3. Enter email address, follow prompts, until your booking is complete and confirmed (very important)

4. You will receive intake forms via email that you can fill out online. No need to print anything out.

**This page is only for booking single person appointments with Bill, as your massage therapist. 

If you experience any problems at all with online booking, or prefer phone then please Text or Call Me at (727)-326-3205 and leave me a message if I do not pick up. I will assist you as soon as my hands are free!

Booking Instructions

  • Just scroll down the list to the choice you desire and then select it.
  • Enter the date you are looking for and choose from available time slots.
  • Fill out the required information.
  • You will receive confirmations and intake forms via email.