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William F Kraus, LMT

Florida Licensed Massage Therapist MA55657

GooGle Reviews

Google is by far the very best place to find and share reviews. The most popular and powerful search engine around. Reviews left here are the most helpful for any business, not just mine.. As I write this, I currently have 37 posted reviews. Some can be seen in the graphic above.   To see all of them click on the button below and you will be taken to my Google Business listing page where you can also leave one yourself after your service.

Your review really helps!

Tripadvisor is a helpful site that shows local business and attractions when you search in a particular area. Not as popular as Google for reviews, but I appreciate when people leave reviews here. Even the one and only negative review I have ever had.  

 yelp! is a review site where I also have many reviews from clients. Unfortunately most of them are hidden due to Yelps highly business unfriendly and randomly discriminatory algorithm. To see all of my reviews you must look under “reviews not currently recommended”.  Many clients have left reviews, only to have Yelp hide them from view!  I do not recommend bothering to leave reviews on Yelp. Have you left one? is it still there? Currently they show only 4 out of the nineteen 100% positive reviews that clients have left for my business.