Client Reviews For Cool River Massage Therapy

Since my business opened in 2009, I have accumulated one of the most extensive online reputations of any massage therapy business in the Pasco County area! You can find my reviews on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Groupon, Facebook, Massagebook, Thumbtack, Angies List and More! Check them all out! My clients tell my story for me, and I am very proud of this. Here are many of them! You can visit any of these sites to view more.

Trip Advisor  Reviews …even my only bad one!

Here is my only bad review in over 10 years of practice.

This  was a real eye opener for me, I am really not sure exactly what happened this day. It was highly unusual for sure, but I used it as a learning experience to make sure that nothing like this ever  happens again with anyone else. Always speak up if anything is not feeling the way you want it to. This is universal whether you are getting a massage from myself or any other LMT anywhere else. The client is always the boss during any massage!

Always feel empowered speak up when there is an issue with your comfort or discomfort.