Couples Massage Services

2 Clients, 2 Therapists, Same Room Together

For Any Two People

Couples massage Services By The River at Flow Yoga Studio

Grab a friend or anyone you want, Couples Massage is for any two persons who want to come in at the same time.


 We have Two teams of therapists available for Couples Massage / Any 2 People Together

William F. (Bill) Kraus LMT, teams up with either Alex Messier, LMT of Integrated Body Works by Alex, or Donna Joyce Foxwell, LMT. Both teams have unique qualities. One More of a relaxing/medium pressure or mixed, and the other mostly deep tissue body work. 

Choose a team that works for your needs a and contact the designated member of that team directly. Couples services cannot be booked online at this time.  This is open to any two person party. Spouses, partners, friends, parent/child, etc. Any minors must be accompanied by parent, who must be present and in the room when the services are being provided.  

To Book a Couples or “4Hands” appointment with Alex & Bill, call or text: Alex Messier LMT  (727) 314-3636

 Couples  appointment with DJ and Bill, call or text: Donna Joyce LMT (631) 645-6295

Please understand both therapists are busy people and may not be able to answer immediately. All messages will be returned ASAP.

3 massage therapists at Flow.

Alex Messier, Donna Joyce Foxwell, and Bill Kraus. Licensed Massage Therapists.

Cool River Offers Couples Massage By Advance Appointment Only

Any two people can come in together for a relaxing or deep tissue or combination. These can be arranged by choosing a team of therapist, either Bill and Donna Joyce, or Bill  and Alex Messier. In order to get this arranged you must contact either Alex or Donna Joyce via text message or phone call. Leave a brief message if you don’t get an immediate phone answer, someone will return you call as soon as possible.

$65 Full Hour x Each person ($130 per couple).

Alex Messier LMT  (727) 314-3636

Donna Joyce LMT (631) 645-6295



Donna Joyce  Foxwell, LMT& Bill (william) Kraus LMT

Donna Joyce’s gives a great relaxing, generally medium pressure  with some deep work, aromatherapy, warm stones or bamboo tool, eye pillow,  and soft (silicone) cupping therapy, for very relaxing and “zen” experience.

Bill can also do nice relaxing “swedish style”, but is more of a “deep tissue” guy. Uses strong hands, forearms , elbows, even feet if requested (ashiatsu) to apply firm pressure. Bill  also has a variety of tools, hot  ceramic”synergy” stone tools and has the powerful G5 Vibration/friction machine available. Can be relaxing, very deep or anything in between.

Call or Text Donna Joyce to check available dates and times.

DONNA JOYCE LMT (631) 645-6295



 ALEX MESSIER LMT & William (bill) Kraus LMT 

You both like deeper pressure? This is the team you want! Both therapists adept at deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, cupping therapy, and more. Both can do more relaxing techniques by request , but that is not what most clients ask for when they come to us!  Our clients usually want deep firm pressure through most or all of the session. Does this sound like you? Well you have found the right team to address your deep tissue needs.


Text or call Alex to check availability. He is a busy guy so don’t be disappointed if you get voicemail at first.  Leave a brief message or text message with your name saying you want to book couples session and he will get back to you back ASAP!

Alex Messier LMT  (727) 314-3636



Couples bodywork services Available Now at Flow Yoga, in Port Richey, Florida  All services are provided in the room you see above. Two tables in the same room, soft lighting, choice of music. Air conditioned, cozy atmosphere.