Cool River Massage Therapy Questions and Answers.

Q: How early do I need to be for my appointment? 

A: If you have completed an online intake form then you need only be a few minutes before your appointment start time.   10 minutes early  if you have not completed an online form.

Q: What should i wear during my massage? 

A: To get the best, most thorough massage, you should have on as little as possible. Draping is provided for every massage you will be offered a variety of draping choices. “Private areas” of the body will always be covered throughout the massage session in accordance with your choice of draping style.

Wearing nothing is very best, with briefs, bikini or thong thong style underwear being the best choices. Longer underwear like boxers and boxer briefs can limit the massage when needing to treat the gluteal area, and hip flexor muscles.  Ultimately this is a matter of personal preference, for you as the client to decide.

Q: Can I extend my session?

A: It is sometimes possible to extend your massage for an additional fee.

Q: How do I best prepare for massage? A: Please be clean and showered before your massage. Please also kindly refrain from smoking immediately before your massage as well. It is not advisable to wear a lot of makeup, excessive hair gel etc, as these are likely to get messed up during your massage.