Inside The Massage Room & Facility at Cool River Massage

Cool River Massage is tucked in at the back of Flow Yoga Studio, in Port Richey, FL.

A relaxing, out of the ordinary, eclectic and charming setting on the Cotee River. definitely not like your typical day spa or massage clinics with lots of people coming and going. It has a private entrance, serves only one client at a time, or couples together. There is no chatter of other people coming and going.  No ringing phones or commotion. The attention is directly on you.  A soothing atmosphere with muted natural lighting during the day and soft salt lamp lighting at night. We have comfortable modern hydraulic lift tables,  a fresh assortment of lotions/oils, new heated tools and traditional hot stones, G5 mechanical vibration machine available.

Dj's Massage area pic

DJ’s Work Area

massage room view 2

View Across The Room

Massage area 2 picture

Bill’s Massage Area