Cool River massage Therapy For Happy Feet

 Foot Massage Makes Your Whole Self Feel Better!

New port Richey, It’s Past Time to Treat your Sore & Tired Feet with an Awesome Foot Massage!

    Those feet of yours Work really Hard! 

Why Not Give them a little Vacation with 30 Minute Foot massage!

 for yourselfFeet are one of your hardest working body parts. They have more small muscles  and bones than any other body region. The force they absorb during your daily activities is many times more than your overall body weight. No wonder they hurt!

Each of your feet is comprised of 26 individual bones, more than 30 joints, and more than 100 combined muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Getting your feet massaged feels amazing. We will work out those sore spots, squeeze and compress, stretch and pull toes, and push into lots of those  acupressure and reflexology points. 

Just treating the feet has a tendency to relax the whole body, and gives a feeling of well being. Give this a try.  

Only $35 for 30 Minutes

think about how your feet Feel for a Minute or so.

Push a finger tip into the center of the bottom of your foot. How does that feel? If you are like most people, it probably feels sore! Press in all along the ridge under the base of your toes, and along the arch. Feel the same? Let me spend a half hour on those, and then see how you feel!

Foot Massage helps make your whole self feel better! Feet work harder than any other part of your body every single day. There are more small muscles and bones in your feet than in any other part of you. Feet are responsible for supporting your entire musculo-skeletal system as well as getting you where you are going.

All your weight, combined with forces of running and walking adds many additional pounds of pressure coming down on your feet.  Most people feel that when their feet hurt, then it seems like everything feels worse as well.

You need a skilled therapist who will not only be rubbing, pulling, pressing, and squeezing your feet to make them feel better, they will also be relaxing your whole body, increasing blood flow, and making you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

This can make a world of difference to your overworked feet.  Give those hard working dogs a mini vacation. 30 Minutes of getting your foot friends worked on feels amazing and helps to relax the entire body. In the end, your overall outlook will change for the better when your feet feel refreshed by a great massage.