Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage is the Focus at Cool River Port Richey

Having muscular aches and pains? Deep tissue massage can help with that!

The majority of clients at Cool River Massage Therapy come here for deep tissue work. This style of massage therapy really helps get to the cause of your muscular aches and pains. Working down through the outer layers of skin and tissue to the deeper muscle structure underneath. Your therapist explores many of the individual muscles, to locate knots, trigger points, adhesion’s,  and various sore and tight spots within.  Working on these areas helps to eliminate the source of many aches, pains, range of motion restrictions and other issues that are causing your specific discomfort.


Are you discouraged when you spend money for a deep tissue massage and it’s just doesn’t feel deep enough?

 So do I! In fact that is the most frustrating part of finding a massage therapist, and I have felt that way many times over the course of my massage therapy experience. You need not worry about having that  experience when you for deep tissue work at Cool River Massage.  I want my clients to be happy with each and every massage session. This is what keep clients coming back and referring thier friends to me.  You will the get personalized level pressure that you want on a consistent basis.  Need a change in pressure?  Just let let me know, and it is done!


Having a hard time finding a massage therapist that always does deep tissue massage just the way you like it?

 You have come to the right place.  Most of my loyal repeat clients return  here to Cool River Massage Therapy, because I always provide the kind of  pressure  and massage experience that they enjoy. If something doesn’t feel just right with the pressure, I will adjust it! You also know who your therapist will be every time! No surprise substitutes like you might get a typical spa where employees turn over periodically. This is a solo practice unless you are getting a couples massage, You can depend on consistent massage quality each and every time you visit