Relaxation Massage

Traditional “Swedish” Massage Therapy

William F Kraus, LMT

Florida Licensed Massage Therapist MA55657

Just want to relax and chill out? A Swedish Massage is for you!


Most clients seek me out for my deep tissue and sports massage, however that is not all that I do.  If you are the kind of client who prefers a more soothing and relaxing experience or cannot tolerate deeper work  for some reason, then “Swedish/Relaxation” massage is probably what you should choose. This is also a wise choice for anyone who is new to massage therapy.


Swedish massage uses longer strokes with lighter pressure than deep tissue massage. The intent is to relax the body and ease stress, calming the nervous system. It is not unusual for clients to fall asleep during this type of session.


The way I usually perform a full body Swedish massage is to begin face up on the table. Starting with the face, neck, shoulders, then arms, hands, legs, feet and finishing with the abdomen. Upon turning over, I will massage your back, shoulders, “glutes”, legs, and feet once again, and return to your back for the last few minutes. Any of these steps can be repeated, lenghtened, or excluded at your request.


30 Minutes $40  


60 Minutes $60,


90 Minutes $85

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