Massage & Assisted Stretching

Sports Massage for Athletes, Runners, Golfers, even Curlers if thats your sport.

William F. Kraus LMT

Florida Licensed  Therapist MA55657

Assisted stretching

Sports Massage for Runners and Athletes. Helps Before and After .


Athletes need specialized bodywork to to keep their bodies performing well. A sports session can incorporate many techniques.  These may include some Deep tissue techniques, combined with assisted stretching, and vigorous manual or mechanical vibration  to encourage loosening of the muscles.

No matter what your sport or game is, being ready for the event really pays off. Sports bodywork techniques can help give you the best chance of being your most relaxed, flexible, and ready to compete.

After the event, it helps calm things down, promote healing, and soothe the aches and pains that result after intense physical activity.

 Three MOST Basic benefits of massage for Sports.

1. Prepares your muscles to perform at peak performance levels by reducing stiffness and helping you feel relaxed and loose.

2. Increases vital blood circulation, and range of motion.

3. Post event massage calms and soothes muscles and aids their recovery from intense,  strenuous and repetitive physical activity.

individualized Sports  bodywork and stretching sessions to improve your athletic performance.

A sports massage bodywork is not really a set specific thing. It is an individualized session planned specifically for you and your specific needs and goals at the time that you come in. If you are planning a sports event and need to be loosened and limber we will approach it one way. If recovering from a sporting event such as a marathon, or mud run, etc, we will use totally different methods. There can be any combination of medium to deep tissue, jostling, mechanical vibration, Ashiatsu, assisted stretching, heat, cold or vacuum cupping.

Let us know what your needs are, and get a body work session designed just for what you need to accomplish your desired sporting goals. No matter what your sport, baseball, bowling, golf, running, swimming, bodybuilding, football, tennis, whatever. A body prepared to play, plays better.

                                            1 Hour $70